What’s for Dinner? Trader Joe’s Spinach Pie and Carne Asada Salad

This week I decided to make my meals from the recipes found on the Trader Joe’s website.  It was easy and yummy you just get the recipe and walk down the aisles and pick up the stuff.  I’m sold!  I hope you enjoy these meals and don’t forget!  Try to have at least one meal with everyone gathered together.  Try eating outside or on a blanket in the living room.  Just do something together with friends or family and enjoy!

Meatless Monday: Spinach Pie

Time: 1 Hour plus prep time

Ease: Simple

Review: This dish was great.  I made it when our son and his wife came over and he turned to his wife and said “hey, babe, make this”  I’d call that success.  It makes a great company dish with little work too.  My daughter-in-law thinks she may try it with squash, yummm.

Carne Asada Salad

Time: 20-30 Minutes

Ease: well, it kind of isn’t fair to say.  The meat comes in it’s sauce, so easy!

Review: This dish can’t get any easier and is so good.  It costs a little more because the meat comes in a package marinated in the sauce.  Cut it open and grill then put on the salad.  We all really enjoyed this and the Cilantro Dressing makes the dish.

Do you have a favorite Trader Joe’s Dish?  If so share with Bringing Back Dinner.  Post a pic to Instagram, twitter, or face book and use #bringingbackdinner

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