The Razor Debate Continues: The Safety Razor for the win!

Last year I had the great debate, which razor is better? Billie or Flamingo?? Both are subscription services and both are good razors! (I like Billie better), but I ran around behind Billie’s back. It’s true! I wanted a greener, more environmentally friendly choice-and a good shave. Now I have a new love. The safety razor. Wait…isn’t that like what my Grandpa used?? Umm.. yeah it is, and it’s great!

What is a Safety Razor?

A Safety Razor, also known as a double edged razors, or wet shaving, are razors that are top heavy and designed to use that weight to push down the skin and create a safe shave. The razor uses an old school, double edged razor blade instead of the cartridges we are more familiar with. Often referred to as DE Razors.

Why use a Safety Razor?

  • Because it rocks!!

  • My legs have never been so smooth!!

  • Safety razors create a less irritating shave as well as fewer bumps and ingrown hairs.

  • They are more economical. Once you purchase the razor the blades are very inexpensive. I paid $4.00 for my 10 pack Feather brand blades which are considered “pricey”.

Are Safety Razors safe and easy to use?

  • Yes! Surprisingly. I was really afraid the first few times, but now I’m a month in and pretty much back to my regular shaving speed.

  • Angle is important, about a 30-40 degree angle is recommended, but don’t sweat it. I found that the curvature of the razor head places the razor in about the right place. After a few times you will know the right feel to it.

  • You MUST use shaving cream!!! This is also called Wet Shaving and it matters more than using the cartridges. ( Wet Shaving also works with other razors). The shaving cream helps prepare the hair and makes it easier to shave. This is really key with a safety razor. Note: The gold standard is shaving soaps and an old school brush used to create a nice big lather. This is next on my purchase list.

  • How you shave is different too. It is important to take small strokes rater than big long ones, like you see on TV- you know the leg pointed straight up in the air (like we all do) and then the razor just glides from ankle to knee. – NO. This is unrealistic and will cause a poor shave and risk of nicks. Tip: Even if you love your cartridge razor try shaving this way for a better shave.

  • Do not press down, the weight of the razor is all you need for a nice close, smooth shave.

How often do you replace the blades? It depends. How often do you shave? how course is the hair? etc. The recommendation for many razor blades and cartridges is roughly 3-5 shaves, but the ladies out there I know what you’re thinking “3-5 shaves…You mean months, right?”. I gave my Feather blade, which is supposed to be the sharpest, a trial of 4 weeks. No nicks, but by week 4 I wasn’t getting as nice of a shave. It’s personal. I’ll probably still go about 3 weeks on a blade and I shave nearly every day. Since I switched to the safety razor I don’t have to shave as often.

I rotate my razor to try to evenly use the blade. I start at my ankle and work my way to my knee, rotate the razor to the other side and do the next strip.

Can I use it everywhere?

Sure, just be careful. Many men shave their heads with them as well as their faces and for women are slower to enter the safety razor game, but really it’s great. My armpits are amazing by the way! And if you want shave other areas-of your choosing, just proceed with caution. It can be done.

What makes it Greener?

By eliminating the plastic cartridges around the razor blades and reducing the number of blades I am reducing my waste footprint. The standard cassette razors and disposable razors end up in the land fill and will not break down.

First you buy the one razor, which can run between $35-$110 (the $35 is just as good btw-it’s about the blade). The one razor can last you decades, with care. My mother still has my grandfathers razor. After much research I chose Edwin Jagger and ordered it from England. It came quickly, had a great reputation, you register it with them, and should last a very long time.

The blades alone can be recycled by some municipalities, but not by all. If your city takes them save them in a metal can and seal the top back on when you put it in recycling. My city doesn’t take them so I use the Gillette recycling program through TerraCycle. Terra Cycle offers other programs as well and is a great tool to help you cut down on waste and landfill excesses. You can use this program with your cartridge and disposable blades as well.

Safety Razor shaving has made a huge resurgence in popularity and while it has been primarily among men, I think women should join in!! It’s really a great shave.

So this means Bye Bye to Flamingo and Billie and hello to greener, smoother shaving!

@yieldingaction on instagram to let us know how it went!

am an Independent Shaklee Distributor and Certified Health Coach. I received my Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

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