Flamingo VS Billie: Who Makes the Cut?

It's about time!! Razors designed for women with no "Pink Tax". It is ridiculous to pay so much for a good razor and now we don't have to!

Two of the newest entries into the women's care world are Flamingo and Billie. Flamingo is by Harry's and is a razor designed specifically for women and their curves. It was created in response to the requests of women who have been using Harry's razors but needed more. Me, that would be me.

Billie is an independent newcomer whose goal is to provide a razor specifically designed for women and at a lower cost.

One day my girls and I were sitting around talking about shaving and razors, as girls do, and my millennial-aged girls told me about Billie, and I had just discovered Flamingo and the battle was on! I purchased both and for the past month have shaved one leg with Billie and one leg with Flamingo and here's how it went.


Price: $9.00 - Comes with the handle and one blade

Blades: $9.00 for four

Subscription: No

Review: A while back I had switched to Harry's razors to save money. I mean really!!! It is ridiculous how much razors cost at the store!!! eh-hem, sorry...The razor made a close shave, but I found it to feel rough and not glide well, so I was very excited to learn that they had created one for women based on feedback from women! The Flamingo has a bit an aloe strip at the top of the blades to help it glide and hydrate. I shave my legs every day and I love the feel of the handle and the head pivot's better to more easily glide over any curve, and let's be real ladies - we have them. But...it is still a rougher feel than I'd like to experience and I didn't feel like the aloe strip did much.

Overall it is a nice razor and at only $9.00 for a box of 4 replacements blades, it is a great deal. Flamingo makes a very smooth shave and still feels pretty good if I skip a day and it did very nicely on my armpits which I have always hated shaving; you know...razor burn, bumps, nicks, uneven shave...armpits are tricky.


Price: $9.00 - Comes with the handle, two blades and a sweet little magnetic holder

Blades: $9.00 for four

Subscriptions: Yes

Review: The Billie razor comes with an aloe block that fully surrounds the blades and I love it!! I don't usually use shaving cream, but use a microfiber cloth to exfoliate first and then shave and there is no need to add anything else with the Billie. It has a very smooth shave and close shave too leaving an overall lovely experience in the shower (or wherever you shave). The handle fits well in my hand and isn't very slippery and the head pivots well for the curvy places.

The Billie is also $9.00 for 4 replacement blades making it also a great deal!

The Champion:

The Billie - not just for millennials! But my girl's were right.

Had I never used the Billie I would have been totally in love with the Flamingo. It does everything it says it will; It's expertly designed and is designed for all the curves and places I may want to shave and honestly I like the idea of no subscription. But, every day for a month I've shaved one leg with each razor and even had my husband test how my legs felt :D and the Flamingo was, sometimes, the tiniest bit smoother. Not always and it was pretty close to call.

Billie started things out nicely by providing a holder and two blades to get you started for the same cost which was pretty nice when you open your first box! I really love how smoothly it glides across my legs, especially the very bony part on my shin.

Part of my test was to use the same blade for a month, Ummm I usually use them waaay longer than that! Then I learned that most companies suggest changing it every 5-10 uses and Billie says every 7 uses! Ummm...ok I'll be upping my game it seems. I wanted to see how the Billie compared to the Flamingo as the aloe block wore down and in 1 month it still glides just as smoothly and still has plenty of aloe left. The Flamingo feels about the same as it did on day one too.

Subscription?? Well, for me personally I'm going to do it. I love the razor that much and you can schedule your shipment out as far every 3 months. Yeah :/ I'll probably still use them that too long. If you say you shave every day you will receive 4 blades every month, which is about a blade a week and fits most guidelines. There is also an option for every 2 months. I feel like the subscription will help me do a better job of changing the blades and shoot...I just like it. I feel pampered every morning and I'm worth pampering and I'm easily worth $9.00 every 3 months, heck...I'm worth $9.00 every month even!

I purchased the razors myself and have had no contact with the razor companies, this is completely an independent review.

About the Blogger:

My name is Lisa Burbach and one of my passions is helping people care for, love, and accept themselves for who they were created to be. I enjoy helping people learn that wellness is holistic; includes mind, body, and soul, and how to be mindful of our whole being.  I help people in these areas as a Shaklee Distributor and as a Health Coach, walking with people as they learn to care for themselves inside and out.

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