Build up your Immunity


What if you had an army to protect you from germs, oxidation, stress, and more? You do!! It's your Immune System. Our bodies are working 24/7 to protect us by mobilizing "soldiers" in our cells, nerves, gut, organs, and tissues, they all work together to fight invaders and build up a body that is prepared for health. We have a job too!

  • Sleep - Getting a good night's sleep can help build our immune system. Try putting away electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime. Practice deep breathing, restorative yoga, and stretching. Try a hot bath and a good book and take advantage of apps like Calm and Headspace to help you relax.

  • Eat well - You've heard it all of your life, but it's true, we really do need to put good foods into our body. You don't have to go full on Vegetarian or Vegan but try adding more whole food plant based foods into your diet. Each food has different vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to help build your cells and body as well as fight off free radicals and oxidation. By improving our food choices we can reduce inflammation, move better, sleep better, and heal better plus we are less likely to get sick to start with because our defenses have been built up. Eat the rainbow!

  • Exercise - Exercise builds our bones and muscles and our ability to produce healthy blood cells, improves our cardiovascular health, can help us sleep better, improves our health in general which makes us better a able to resist infection and heal more quickly. Exercise has the added benefit of helping our mood too.

  • Herbs and Supplements - Many foods help support our well being, but herbs and spice do too. Try a nice cup of chamomile tea to help you go to sleep at night and add lots of herbs and spices to your cooking which helps you reduce salt intake and benefit from the health properties of many spices and herb. Adding things like Elderberry, larch, Echiachea, Turmeric, Ashwaghanda and Boswelia can also boost your immune system. Making sure to get plenty of C, D, Calcium, and Zinc, plus a good probiotic too. There is more than salt and pepper! Be adventurous and spice it up.

Our Immune System is amazing, but works its best when we fuel it with healthy foods and good habits.

My Favorite soothing Tea:

1 Stick 180 Energizing Tea in Elderberry, Matcha Green, or Pomegranate

2 Scoops Orange or Lemon-lime Performance

8 ounces hot water

a pinch of allspice and cinnamon

Honey as desired

I usually use the Green tea and Orange Performance to make a healthier version of Russian Tea.

Are you looking for vitamins and supplements? Take this assessment to find out what is the best fit for you, uniquely you, based on your health, family history, and more.

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