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Scroll down for a review of a few of my fav shoes.

Do you remember Buster Brown shoes? If you were a kid in the 70's I bet you do! And they weren't cute shoes, they were "good for your feet shoes" - As in...not cute shoes. What did you parents say? "It's good for your feet"! Right?! Mine did.

Then we hit our teens and young adult years and decide that cute was woefully overlooked for too many years and we will now wear cute shoes...even if we can barely walk. Yeah...I did too.

Then we get a little older and the search is on!!!!! Now we say "But I want Cuuuute aaaand comfortable i.e. good for my feet". And here we are!

Wearing "good" shoes can help our gait which can impact our back, hips, lets, etc. and prevent, reduce or relieve aches and pains as well as help prevent things like Plantar fascitiis, and bunions. Not to mention that how our feet feel can impact how we feel all over, sometimes our fatigue we feel is because our feet are fatigue.

I have wide toes and a narrow heel, basically flippers. I struggle finding a shoe box that doesn't squish my toes and because of my narrow heel almost all shoes rub on my heels guaranteeing blisters. I just keep bandaids with me because I can't wear sandals all year in NC - I hate being cold.

Some of my Favs:

Everlane Reknit Day Glove Shoe: I was able to purchase my typical size 8 with no issues, no slipping and I've yet to get a blister - straight out of the box. My only negative? The leather insoles squeak against my foot as I walk. But I feel like this will stop as I break them in more. In the mean time I just put lotion on my feet, which I'm a lotion addict anyway! Link - Yes, I get a coupon if you buy.

Allbirds Tree Breezers: When I pulled these out of the box and slipped my foot in I literally gasped out loud! They feel like bedroom slippers!! I love these shoes. That said, they do slip and seem low on my heel causing my heel to slip out of the shoes a few times while walking. I've heard from others that the insole gradually molds to your feet and it seems like that is true which will make the heel box sit better. The more I wear them the less they slip. These are tighter on my toes than the Everlane shoe, but the material has give and it doesn't hurt, just snug. I might consider going up a half size for the next pair - pair. Did I say the feel like slippers???

Birkenstock Mayari: This is my go-to shoe in the summer, they are cute and soooo comfy. Oh and #bonus! It's good for my feet!!! Seriously!!! I love these shoes. I'm on my third year wearing them.

Toms: Worth a mention, I often pick my Toms when I'm going to travel. I can walk all day in them and they slip on and off easily and I can wear them with over half of my wardrobe. Ask my mom, she has a serious Toms addiction! (It might be my fault).

SuperDry Espadrille This is nice comfy flat that fits my wide toes and narrow heel well. I wore my first pair until they were falling apart!! If you don't see them on the website, check back closer to summer.

Too soon to tell? I'm testing out some Vans, Supergas, and an awesome pair of J Crew wedges.

Let's talk money!! Most of the above shops have sales!!! Don't be afraid to shop around and shop the sales. Your feet will thank you.

Now I can be cute aaaannndd comfortable!!

Tip: Start a Shoe Savings envelope! Delayed gratification is OK!

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