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What's your Passion?

My passion is to help people love themselves and live longer, healthier, younger lives.  My husband joins me with his passion to protect and improve the environment.  For us, Shaklee is the perfect partner.   

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What is Shaklee

Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States and has been around for over 60 years with products (supplements, green/non toxic cleaners, beauty products, and more) that are backed by science and proven by people. 

We are pioneers of natural, earth friendly products.  We were green when green was just a color!

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Discover Shaklee, with Roger Barnett

Listen to our owner and CEO Roger Barnett who is passionate about health, environment, and entrepreneurship. 

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This is how flexible your hours can be!

Whether you're looking for a #sidehustle or a career Shaklee is a great fit. Work a few hours a week or full time, you choose. 


Earn a little extra money or full paycheck, you are the boss.  

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Make it Happen!

Let's get together!  We can talk by Zoom, Skype, or, if you're local, in person.  Email me at or schedule a time now.