Our Shaklee Family has continuously inspired us through the years with their generous spirit toward others in everything that they do. Together with Shaklee Cares, since 1992, thousands of hours of volunteer time and millions of dollars in cash and product donations have been given to help Shaklee Family Members and their communities rebuild in the aftermath of natural disaster.

But Shaklee Cares doesn’t work without the help and support of people just like you. When natural disasters strike, it is the Shaklee Family located in or close to the affected areas who are best suited to assess what Shaklee Cares product packs are needed and how to distribute them to the people who need them most. The best part – if anyone has questions about Shaklee products or Shaklee Cares – there is no one better suited to provide this information, and a hug, than a Shaklee distributor.

Helping in times of Natural Disaster

Shaklee Cares

To purchase Relief Packets:

There are 5 packs and each either provides convenient and nutritious products, or environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Members, to donate a Shaklee Cares Relief Pack log in to your Shaklee site to purchase. 

If you are not a member and would like to donate a relief pack please contact lisa@yieldingaction.com.

Relief Packs are designed to help First Responders and individuals, from meal packs to germicidal cleaning packs.  Things  communities have told us would help fill their immediate needs.

Prices Range from $31.20-$75.30

If you are in need after a natural disaster, Please request assistance at Shaklee Cares.

For Cash Donations please visit Shaklee Cares.