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Jan 17, 2018

Get Well Tea



When you start felling that "I think I'm coming down with something" feeling grab some Get Well Tea!


Place all in a blender or coffee grinder and pulverize together.


6 Alfalfa

2 Zinc

4 Defend & Resist Complex (Echinacea, Black Elderberry, Larch Tree)

4 Garlic Complex (I would take these separately instead of

including in tea.)

4 Mental Acuity Plus (includes Ginkgo Biloba, Hawthorne, Bilberry, Gota

Kola, Rosemary)

2 Flavomax (remove from capsule)

4 Osteo Matrix (includes Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D)

6 Gentle Sleep Complex (includes Valerian, Passion Flower, German

chamomile Flower, Prune & Fig Powder)

4 Herb-Lax (includes alfalfa, anise, fennel, blue malva flowers,

culver’s root powder, buckthorn bark, rhubarb root, senna, licorice)

4 NutriFeron Immune Building

4 Stomach Soothing Complex (Peppermint & Ginger),

3 Vitamin C 500 mg. Sustained Release (or 6 to 8 Chewable Vita C)

3 Tablespoons Performance. (Either Lemon-Lime or Orange Flavor)

Once Add one rounded teaspoon of the ingredients to hot water and stir.

Add honey to taste. It is also good with Energizing Tea. Consume all of the granules as well.


For BEST RESULTS, drink another cup in a half hour.

Continue with one cup every hour until you are feeling better.


Dr. Henry Cohen shared this recipe with us...I don't know who originally

created this recipe, but I will keep it on hand this winter!




NOTE: This is not a Shaklee approved use of products, but created by customers. This is not a prescription or meant to to treat, diagnose, or mitigate symptoms.

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