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Sep 21, 2017

Are you staying hydrated?



Did you know that if you are really thirsty while you exercise you are already about 1% dehydrated?


Tips: 10 min-60 min water is a great choice, 1 hour or more or high intensity exercise consider a healthy electrolyte rich hydration beverage. Choose one with no artificial colors or ingredients.

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  • I looove my Meundies!! They are the most comfortable underwear I've ever owned!! They aren't paying me and don't even know I'm writing this review, it's just me telling you they are amazing!! For starters, I used to be (shhhh-looking around) the white underwear only girl! You know the one? Practical! Aaaaahhhh!!! Yep. That one. Weirdly enough, someone once said to me "I bet you're the type of person who only wears white underwear"!! I was indignant! I was true, but who were they to (correctly) judge!! Hmmph!!! So, I bought some flowered underwear-so there!! But then, one day I was listening to my favorite podcasts, " Stuff You Missed In History Class" - Yes...I realize this reinforces the judgment cast upon me! Soooo anyway!!! One of their sponsors was , and Holly Frey, one of the hosts of the podcast went on and on about how wonderful they were and yes...yes I know she is supposed to. I mean, it's their sponsor, but I like Holly, and I choose to believe she would lie! Plus, I'd get 20% off! So, I researched it. Cuz-well- geek established. The concept, company, reviews all looked good, but I was not going to spend THAT kind of money on UNDERWEAR. Well, y'all- you get what you pay for, and I did have 20% off. My first pair arrived, and they were sooo soft, then when I wore them...aaahhh... Still soft and they didn't ride up in places you spend time keeping things from going. So, I did the monthly subscription until I had a drawer full- I'm worth $14 a month! Now not only do I have comfy undies, but I have fun and exciting patterns too!! Geek girls can wear fun undies!! It's true! Ask Holly! (Yeah, well..she doesn't actually know I exist, but she's in my "kitchen" all the time, and I think she'd feel complimented and not insulted". The Info: Cost: $18.00, $14.00 subscription Sizes: XS-4XL Fit: I've had 2 kids, and my stomach did NOT go back where it started plus I had a C-section, think Pizza dough cut into 2 portions!!! OK - gruesome I know, but worth it. My hubby thinks I'm's all good. Typically I avoid bikini's like the plague, but decided to try a pair and surprisingly the pudge stays put and doesn't do that awkward "Bloop" - y'all ladies know!! I wear size 12 Jeans, and I like the Large undies. The chart is pretty good. I have one pair of medium, and they fit fine, I just like it a bit better with the large. Styles: I have tried the boyshort, bikini, and cheeky brief and like them all, but find they all have a best use. I wear the boyshorts with dresses where I want everything all nice and smooth underneath, the cheeky brief are helpful if you need the line up higher, and bikini are great every day- for me. This is all very subjective. Issues: For the most part, they have lasted very well. I bought my first pair 3 years ago, and that pair is going strong. I've had 2 that didn't make it, the sewing around the legs came undone relatively quickly. But I've found the company to be very helpful and I suspect that if I'd called, they would have replaced them. Care: From the website: Most garments can be machine washed on COLD and DELICATE, then tumble dried with LOW HEAT. Please do not iron, bleach, or dry clean. For best performance, please hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. This will help to protect the colorfastness of the garment as well as the construction of the elastane fiber in the waistband.I wash mine in cold and delicate and often lay dry or tumble on low and gentle and they have done very well. What is it: From the website: " We use Lenzing MicroModal. It's a sustainably sourced, naturally soft fiber that starts with beechwood trees and ends with the most amazing fabric you've ever experienced. The results have been downright dreamy." I truly love this underwear. I tried another brand recently that everyone told me was soooo comfy, they are...but they are thinner and more likely to ride up, just not Meundies! Meundies has other products as well, but I haven't branched out yet. I hope this is a helpful review and I encourage you to try them. They have a 90 day money back guarantee too! I'm not an affiliate, employee, paid, no free product, etc. Just a fan. I'm filing this under Lifestyle, because after all. Having comfy underpants is, in my mind, part of a peaceful day. But if you use this link I do get a $20, and you get 20% off!
  • When i was growing up, my grandmother (Mamame) would drink her morning coffee out a pretty china cups with a matching saucer and I would always ask for some, to which she replied " stunts your growth". Later...that morning....Her now cold cup of coffee would be sitting on the table and she would then let me drink it. Hmmmm I guess only hot coffee would stunt my growth?? It makes me grin just remembering. But the truth is, it doesn't stunt your growth, put hair on your chest (something else I was told) and with much joy several new studies have shown that coffee may actually have some health benefits. As with all things - moderation is key. So, maybe don't drink the whole pot by yourself. Possible Benefits: Drinking moderate amounts 2-3 cups a day has been linked with longer lifespan Some studies have shown the possibility of lower risk of heart disease Lower risk of diabetes (Type 2) Less chance of Gout Lower risk of Parkinsons Less risk of Liver disease Improved cognitive function Decreased chronic inflammation Antioxidants are thought to be part of the reason for the health benefits, but they aren't completely sure why. Before you get too excited, this does not include heavily sweetened, whip cream topped coffee drinks, and some studies showed espresso to be an exception. But otherwise, drink up. Well up to 3 cups. Sources: WebMD, Harvard Health, Mayo Clinic, healthline.
  • Adapted, with permission, from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute What happens when people visit the doctor these days? Patients enter the doctor’s office, get pills but no self-help skills, leave the doctor, pop the pills and return next month for a stronger dose…and everyone just gets sicker. Does this sound familiar to you? Prescription ads tells you to “Ask your doctor if this pill is right for you,” but how often do you ask? Knowing what you’re putting in your body is important, so keep these points in mind: 1. Different individuals require different dosages. Pills are designed and tested on averages, but that may not always represent you. 2. Beware the cocktail effect of pills. Pills can be partnered unsafely with other drugs. It’s not uncommon for people, especially as they age, to be on multiple prescriptions, but using drugs in combinations is not the way they were tested and approved. If this “cocktail effect” has never been tested, no one knows how it’s going to affect you. 3. Is it the drug or the disease? When a person is on a variety of pills to treat different highs and lows, it’s incredibly difficult for a doctor to sort out which of the patient’s symptoms are due to the underlying illness or due to the side of effects of the pills. So, what’s a person to do? Abandon pills? No, absolutely not! But what we, as patients need to learn is the “Pills-and-Skills Model of Healthcare.” As Dr. Sears says, “the best way to lower your pill bill is to raise your self-help skills.” The Pills-and-Skills Model means changing your mind-set from “Doctor, what can I take?” to “Doctor, what can I do.” This means, rather than listening to the pharmaceutical ads saying"Ask your doctor if this pill is right for you", ask your doctor "What can I do to change my health and health outcome?". My doctor said that only about 5% of patients actually do this and make the change. Let's change those numbers! It will require work; eating healthy foods, moving more, socializing, stress relief, and more, but those are lifestyle changes that you can learn to enjoy and is much better than living with possible side effects from medications and a shorter healthspan. You can make the change! Do you need help making these changes? Let's talk. Schedule a coaching session and let's make a plan. Schedule .