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Sep 9, 2018

A Letter to my Shaklee Family


Edited: Sep 9, 2018



I was recently asked to share with my local Shaklee group about my passion for Shaklee. As I gave this some thought I realized I am passionate for Shaklee for many reasons, but some of those reasons are not the things everyone one may expect.


You may expect that I am passionate about Shaklee because of things like purity, potency, and performance; The fact that every Shaklee product is green, safe, and works. Or that our purity standards are some of the toughest in the nutrition industry. Maybe because:


• We run 350 tests on every new botanical ingredient for harmful contaminants, pesticides, and other residues • We run over 1000 quality tests a year to ensure purity and potency • Our tests surpasses even the pharmaceutical standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) • Shaklee scientists have published 125 scientific papers and presentations, including 7 presentations in the last year. • Third party Peer reviewed studies, so that no one has to just take our word for it • Shaklee powered athletes have won 121 gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medals, so far! • We have one of the very first Earth Day products ever! – Basic H • We were the first Climate Neutral Certified company in the world! • And, and, and…

I could be passionate for Shaklee because of those things alone, but allow me to present a little more data; data of a different kind.


When we were in Cleveland for Shaklee Live 2015 we heard Shawn Achor the author of The Happiness Advantage talk about genuine happiness, he gave 5 steps that make us happier, more content, and more productive people. These are the 5 main points.


1. “Bring gratitude to mind: Write down three NEW things that you are grateful for each day

2. Journal: About a positive experience you’ve had recently for two minutes once a day

3. Exercise: Engage in 15 minutes of mindful cardio activity

4. Meditate: Watch your breath go in and out for two minutes a day

5. Engage in a random, conscious act of kindness: Write a two-minute positive email thanking a friend or colleague, or compliment someone you admire on social media

Do these steps for 21 days, and you will begin to see a lasting shift in your mindset towards more positivity.” – From


Shawn Achor also told us that when one individual becomes obese, the chance that his or her friend will become obese increases by 57 percent—even if their friend lives far away. If that friend is of the same sex the chance increase to 71 percent. Other members of people’s “social network” were also affected: their siblings’ risk increased by 40 percent and their spouses’ by 37 percent. In contrast, a neighbor, if not a part of their social network, experienced no increase in risk.


Just wait, this really will tie in with my passion for Shaklee, I promise.


Another speaker at our convention in Cleveland was Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones When we heard about the Blue Zones and people groups with exceptional longevity we learned that they all had these things in common, (minus one group who did not drink wine.)

1. Move naturally 2. Have purpose 3. Stress less 4. Eat less 5. Plant Based Diet 6. Drink wine 7. Have a sens of Belonging 8. Put their loved ones first 9. Belong to the right tribe : were born into–social circles that supported healthy behaviors,


What does this data have to do about my passion for Shaklee?


These studies present what helps one be happy, fulfilled, productive, successful, live longer, and be healther. I bet you see where I am going now!  Each of you, my dear Shaklee family cause me to be these things by:

  • Bring gratitude to mind: I have reasons for gratitude daily as a result of my improved health, wonderful new friends, and taking joy in your improved health too

  • I am taught and experience random acts of kindness, often daily, because of each of you

  • I am given the example of keeping active and moving naturally and developing good exercise habits

  • I am taught by every one of you that I do in deed have purpose, that my purpose matters and I can find my “why”. I am also taught that when I forget this you will remind me and help point the way.

  • Less Stress: Every single one you help me stress less. The entire community supports one another in business and personal lives. I find you are there for a good laugh, cry, or talk. We mentor each other, help each other, are friends, and sometimes we just exist with each other- all of this reduces stress

  • I am have learned to eat better

  • I enjoy having a glass of wine with many of you

  • I most certainly belong!!

  • I find every time I meet a Shaklee person that I am loved and that they put their loved one first. Sometimes that loved one is me.

  • I know I belong to the right tribe that supports my wellbeing inside and out

  • My social network is not one of obesity but of growth, caring, kindness, wellness, environmental awareness, and looking beyond my self. My social network increases the chances of me being the best I can be.

  • And more

Why am I passionate about shaklee? Because I can’t find any reason not to be! It has been proven to me over and over again that I can believe that Shaklee is who they say they are and that they will do what they say they will do and so will each of you. We are there for one another and we cause positive change charged by genuine caring.   That is why it is called the “Shaklee Family”.  Our relationships are far beyond business builders and networking. We are family, we are friends, and we are for each other every day. That is why I am passionate for Shaklee. It is what we call the Shaklee Difference!

With love and gratitude,


New Posts
  • If I say “Monday” what pops into your mind?  Pictures of Grumpy Cat? Does your mood change?  Why?  It doesn’t have too.   Let me tell you a story about my husband.      My husband is a very kind, generally patient, and understanding person, but Monday’s used to always change his mood and set a tone for the whole day.  When he came home and I asked about his day he would grumble and complain and make grumbly noises.  I asked him why Monday’s were so bad and he complained that Monday just always seemed to get the best of him. He struggled with feeling behind, disorganized, and just out of sorts.   When we tried to break it down there was really nothing different about Monday except that it followed a break from working.    My husband loves his job, enjoys his client and co-workers and as a rule is very satisfied with his career. But still, there was Monday!  I thought about this for a while and tried something new.  Psyching him up!!  As he left the house in the morning I gave him his usual kiss, hug, and encouragements for the day, but this time I made an angry face-ok, I don’t do these well and mostly he thought I was cute, but he understood my goal.  Anyway, I made an angry face and balled up my fists and so “Go get em!! Conquer Monday!  Monday is not the boss of you, YOU are the boss of it!!!  Get things done, stay on task, and have fun in the face of Monday!!!  You like your job, you can do this.  Conquer Monday  grrrrrrrrr” ,  It takes a special man to live with me.  And you know what? It worked.  He came home a different man and felt kind of exhilarated about defeating Monday.   We did this same routine for months, but we don’t anymore.  Monday is no longer a big deal for him.  He conquered it and he doesn’t need a cheerleader for Mondays anymore.  Monday is just another day.    Now, let’s look at this. Monday is not even a thing, you can’t touch it or hold it.  Monday has no feelings or attitude.  Monday just exists, like any other day.  What really got conquered?  His attitude!!   Attitude is really what it is about.  Monday is all about your frame of mind.  Monday is about what you make it to be.  If you go into the day with a bad attitude that Monday sucks, your job sucks, your life sucks uggghhh “I hate Mondays” then it will be a bad day.  You can’t change Monday being a Monday, but you can change how it goes down or at least how you feel about it.  You can change your attitude. You have a choice.  Bad things may happen, but still the choice is yours. Think of the positives Decide you are the boss of Monday Give yourself a few extra minutes on Mondays to get you ready for the day pray do a facial get a cup of coffee go out to breakfast meet a friend go for a walk When you get to work prioritize the day Take a minute to remember what you like about your job.  If there isn’t anything, at least be happy for the provision and be hopeful. Go out! Conquer Monday, you can do it!  Be amazing!!!! Grrrrrrrr!
  • Have you ever watched “What not to Wear” on TLC?  What Not to Wear is a makeover show, but touches the people on a deep personal level, not just “fix them up” and I think you should watch it.  Not for fashion tips,  but to understand loving the body you have.   Clinton Kelly  and Stacey London , the hosts, consistently teach people that they have to dress the body they have and not the body they wish they had.  Part of this teaching process involves the idea that you are beautiful/handsome just as you are! Here are some ways to get you started loving your body: If you criticize your body, STOP!  Would you let a friend talk that way about someone else? If not, that don’t talk that way about yourself. Be honest and realistic.  You may be overweight or underweight, but it is important to accept where you are, especially if you want to change it.  Before we make change though, we must learn to like ourselves or we aren’t worth it enough in our own minds to make the change! Don’t let your body image stop you from doing the things you love.  If you can physically do it don’t talk yourself out of it.  Remaining active effects our mental well being Take walks to help you mental health and be active Bless your body.  This one sounds weird, but a counselor once had me do this and it was remarkable!  In the shower as you wash your body touch every part of yourself and say a prayer of blessing or tell yourself you are happy for that part and why.  You are learning to accept yourself and a little praise too. Dress the body you have and not the body you want.  Buying clothes that fit well makes us look better and accentuates the positives.  White girls this is especially for you, follow the lead of our Latino and African American girlfriends who are much more happy with their bodies statistically than white women.  One of my black girlfriends says this is what you do.  You stand tall and you say “That’s right, I’m hot, mmm, look at me gurl!, Oh, yea”  as you run your hand down your side and strut your stuff!  She was right, it is kind of empowering!! Don’t blame your body on the bad things that happen in life No one can make you feel inferior without your consent – Eleanor Roosevelt.  Don’t let comments by others ruin your mood, day, or actions.  This means you too!  Your comments about yourself are making you feel inferior. Consider taking up something like Yoga or meditation where you learn practices that encourage being grateful for our bodies. Remember that no one has a perfect body, even the women in the magazines.  They were Photo Shopped and have cellulite, blemishes, etc.  If your goal is a “perfect” body it is unrealistic, change your goal to have a fit body even if your fit is bigger, smaller, different from someone else’s fit body.  Just be healthy. Practice Mindful Eating Once you decide you love yourself it is OK to say that you would like to change a few things like lose a few pounds or gain a few pounds, dress better, learn something new etc., but start with loving yourself.  The next step is to make an honest assessment and goal and then take realistic steps to get there and make the change!  You can do it!
  • Reposted from October 13, 2015 Emptying the Nest I have been off the grid the last couple of days helping one of my little birds build her own nest.  It is a strange feeling to start entering into the empty nest stage and I'm not sure what it will look like.  We still have one bird in college, so we aren't there yet, but nearly. As I begin this transition there are so many mixed emotions. I feel excited for all of the adventures that are ahead for my kids as well as how my adventures will change.  I feel anxious for things like will they eat well, pay bills on time, make wise decisions, make new friends, enjoy their jobs, be responsible, kind, courteous, give back to society, recycle, brush their teeth... Ok, a little carried away, but you understand.  I also feel sad, I will miss the noise and laughter that filled our home.  I will have to learn to guide without being boss, how to be there and not smother, and so much more, but mostly I am happy to see them become the wonderful people they have become. It goes way to quickly, here are a few tips to parents of small children, because your empty nest day will be here way too soon: It really does go quickly, enjoy the little moments Let them play in puddles, mud, dirt etc.  They will have a blast and clothes and kids alike can be washed Remember to tell them how precious they are Have family dinners Play games The housework, jobs etc. will always be part of your daily life, but they won't. Prioritize Go camping, even if it goes badly they will talk about it fondly later The teen years do not have to be hard. Develop relationship when they are little The attitude of a 2 year old is the same as a 16 year old.  If you do not hold boundaries when they are 2 you will not be able to when they are 16 Be consistent If your kids ask you not to tell anyone something, don't! Laugh a lot If something breaks or spills it isn't that big of a deal.  Clean it up, hug your kid and go on.  They are more important than anything that breaks or any little mess Say I'm sorry when your're wrong Let them be individuals and praise them for the things that are unique in them Give chores from very early Let them handle their own money Let them make mistakes Love, love, love, love, love them