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Tips for a Healthy Cleanse


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  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash: 7 Healthy Cleanse friendly Recipes Add your recipes in the comments and feel free to discuss your journey on the cleanse!
  • WHY SHOULD I DO A CLEANSE? The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse is designed to: • Improve focus and energy*† • Enhance mood and sleep quality*† • Support detox and healthy digestion*† • Jump-start weight loss and reduce cravings*† HOW OFTEN SHOULD I DO A CLEANSE? The recommended use of the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse is up to 2-3 times a year. You should generally space these out to allow 4 months between cleanses. Ideally, we hope people will embrace following the Shaklee 180® program for weight loss and continue the healthy habits that come from doing the Cleanse. WILL I BE HUNGRY? AND WHAT IF I’M FEELING LOW IN ENERGY? You may need to increase your water intake and be sure you are eating at least every two hours. You may also need to eat more vegetables and fruits. Protein is not a standard part of the Cleanse. For those who continue to struggle with hunger, try increasing water intake and consuming a larger volume or more frequent intake of fruits and vegetables. If necessary, added protein options such as a scoop of Life Shake™ in a smoothie, a hard-boiled egg, or a 4-oz. piece of baked chicken are acceptable. WILL I LOSE WEIGHT AND/OR INCHES ON THE CLEANSE? The biggest reason to do a cleanse (besides weight loss) is to improve eating habits and food choices. The average weight loss in a pilot study was a little over 6 pounds and an inch around the waist.‡ CAN I CONTINUE WITH MY CURRENT SHAKLEE SUPPLEMENTS? Yes, you may continue with your daily Shaklee supplements throughout the Cleanse. With the exception of Alfalfa Complex, do not overlap on supplements included in the Healthy Cleanse (i.e., Optiflora® DI or Optiflora® Pearl, Herb-Lax®, and Liver DTX® Complex). SHOULD I CONTINUE WITH MY CURRENT WORKOUT DURING THE CLEANSE? We suggest light exercise only during the 7-day Cleanse period. I’M ON PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS. CAN I DO THIS CLEANSE? If you are under the care of a physician and/or taking prescriptions, consult with your physician or pharmacist before beginning the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse. CAN I DO THE CLEANSE IF I HAVE DIABETES? Please discuss the Cleanse with your physician prior to doing the Cleanse, especially regarding blood sugar management if using insulin or any diabetes medications. CAN I DO THIS CLEANSE WHILE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING? No. I HAVE A LOT OF DIGESTIVE ISSUES. SHOULD I CONSIDER THIS CLEANSE? If you have been diagnosed with serious digestive system disorders, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or peptic ulcer disease, have other disorders, or have had weight loss surgery, talk to your physician prior to doing the Cleanse. I’M EXPERIENCING CAFFEINE WITHDRAWAL/HEADACHE. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Add some caffeine back into your regimen—try a cup of Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea. WHAT IF I SKIP A SERVING OF SUPPLEMENTS? If you remember within 2 hours, take them at that time; otherwise, it is ok to skip one packet. WHAT IF I EXPERIENCE DIARRHEA? This is unlikely, but if severe or persistent, you may need to stop the program. WHAT IF I EXPERIENCE CONSTIPATION? This is unlikely, but if you do, increase water intake throughout the day. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WEIGH AND MEASURE? It is recommended that you weigh and measure at the beginning of the Cleanse and at the end of the Cleanse. WHAT SHOULD I MEASURE? Waist and hips. IS THE HEALTHY CLEANSE VEGAN? Yes.
  • By Shaklee From Healthy digestion is an important part of your wellness. Help your body detoxify to help restore and maintain digestive balance and feel healthier with a 7-day cleanse program. If you’re looking for digestive support, looking to jump-start your weight loss or simply wanting to feel more like yourself, the Shaklee Healthy Cleanse can you help you get a clean start. Designed by Shaklee experts, our Healthy Cleanse combines a carefully selected combination of Shaklee supplements with a supporting diet plan in order to help you feel healthier in 7 days. The Healthy Cleanse is designed to: Improve focus and energy*†Enhance mood and sleep quality*†Support detox and healthy digestion*†Jump-start weight loss and reduce cravings*† The Healthy Cleanse kit contains: Optiflora® DI probiotic to help promote healthy intestinal activity and good digestive health.* Liver DTX Complex , to help maintain normal liver function including bile flow and protection from toxins. Alfalfa Complex helps provide a wide variety of nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, chlorophyll, and bioflavonoids. Herb-Lax to encourage a mild cleansing action to aid the body’s natural processes.* How to start the Healthy Cleanse: Step 1: Preparation (Ideally one week before) Set a date to begin the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse program.Optional: Find someone who will partner with you to do a cleanse.Start reducing your consumption of coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, fatty or high-starch foods, and refined sugars.Plan for a variety of veggie recipes and stock up accordingly. Buy plenty of fruits too—fresh and frozen Step 2: Start the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse Be prepared to GRAZE ALL DAY—pack vegetables and fruits for convenience. Eat at least every 2 hours. Eat raw fruits/vegetables all day.Drink at least 6–10 glasses of water each day.Evening meal should be a large salad with full-fat dressing or vegetable stir-fry with a starchy vegetable. In addition to the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse program, you may continue to take all your regular Shaklee supplements. † Preliminary Study Results showed an average weight loss of 6.8 pounds and 1.62 inches, plus increased focus, energy, and improved sleep quality. Based on a 7-day pilot study conducted by three Shaklee Distributors—a medical doctor and two nutritionists—under the supervision of Shaklee Medical Affairs. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not indented to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse is a carefully selected combination of Shaklee supplements with a supporting diet plan for those looking for digestive support, a jump start to weight loss, or simply more energy.* Feel better in one week. Guaranteed.§ The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse: Improves focus and energy*†Enhances mood and sleep quality*†Supports detox and healthy digestion*†Jump-starts weight loss and reduces cravings*† FAQs SAFE, PROVEN, GUARANTEED - THE SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE®