Corn Fritters


With Chow Chow Slaw &

Date Butter.  I love Purple Carrot Recipes. They have great flavor combos and I think you'll love it.  Plus it is a great way to try vegan meals that even your big beef eater guys will eat. - Mine does!

Each week I scour the internet, cookbooks, and magazines, or create my own meals for a weekly menu for our family.  My friends have asked me to share with them, because they don't have time to figure out what to make for dinner, and I'm sharing with you too!  Each week I find 5 meals I'd like to try, post them here, and save you the trouble! 

I make as many things from scratch as possible, using the freshest, and healthiest ingredients I can find, and sometimes we splurge! I also make my grocery list from this menu and the rule is "If it isn't on the list, don't buy it". 


Share your meals on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook  hashtag us #yieldingaction. If you missed a meal from previous weeks visit my Pinterest pages The Menu & Sunday Meals for the splurges - often our Night off!  

Enjoy - Don't forget to take time to eat with friends and family and bring back dinner!