Quitting the Paper Habit

Many of us make an effort to create a healthy environment; we reduce, reuse, and recycle and more, but we often overlook the paper products in our homes. Why does it matter: Toilet paper accounts for 15% of deforestation To make 1 ton of paper towels 17 trees are cut down and 22,000 gallons of water are used An individual can add 23 pounds of waste to landfills each year just from paper towels The average person uses 2300-2400 paper towels a year Even "compostable" paper plates and cutlery will not break down in landfills. Not enough oxygen. Unless you shop carefully most paper products are produced with harmful chemicals which impact the environment as well as your home. For example, nice

Frugal Doesn't go out of Style

This week I made my favorite Granola recipe from a book called The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacycyzn. It was hugely popular in the 90's prompting many of us to Dollar Store DIY, dumpster dive, and join the ranks of the frugal and this week I realized that frugal doesn't go out of style! Don't worry, the recipe is below. I loooved that book, my Sister-in-law and would call each other and spend hours talking about new ideas and how we could make things and save money. We talked about how we were sure that some item on the side of the road was going to be a masterpiece for our homes and how some DIY mix was only pennies a serving! My sister-in-law had the whole set of books!!! I was so jealous

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