The Razor Debate Continues: The Safety Razor for the win!

Last year I had the great debate, which razor is better? Billie or Flamingo?? Both are subscription services and both are good razors! (I like Billie better), but I ran around behind Billie’s back. It’s true! I wanted a greener, more environmentally friendly choice-and a good shave. Now I have a new love. The safety razor. Wait…isn’t that like what my Grandpa used?? Umm.. yeah it is, and it’s great! What is a Safety Razor? A Safety Razor, also known as a double edged razors, or wet shaving, are razors that are top heavy and designed to use that weight to push down the skin and create a safe shave. The razor uses an old school, double edged razor blade instead of the cartridges we are

Review: Instant Pot (PC Quick Cooker) Lasagna

Recipe by Amy + Jacky Instantpot Lasagna (click for the recipe) Time: 50 Minutes Ease: Simple Serve:  4 I love pressure cooking!!! And I’ve yet to blow up a single thing!! Really!!! Pressure cooking is fast, easy, flavorful, and doesn’t heat up the kitchen. I started with a basic electric pressure cooker, then moved to the Instantpot and when it died I bought my long desired Pampered Chef Quick Cooker, but really they all do the same thing, simplify meal time. I’ve tried a lot of things in the pressure cooker and I’d own one just to make my own dried beans! No pre-soaking yaaasss!! 26 minutes and done! It does so much more though! I finally decided to try a lasagna, which seemed like it w

Summertime means Cucumbers!

I love summertime!!! My best memories are summer days in the country in Virginia! Running around barefoot in the sweltering heat and didn’t even care! Climbing trees, rolling in the grass, eating all the wonderful garden treats, it was divine!! I was very skinny and sometimes I’d be so full from fruit and veggies that I wouldn’t touch my dinner; oooooOOOO it made my grandma upset! She was sure I’d waste away to nothing. I didn’t…I made up for it! One of my favs was cucumbers, we had them at every meal both in cucumber form and pickles! My Mamame, my other grandmother, made pickles every year, mostly I remember how bad the house smelled!!!! For the most part, I’ll take them pre-pickle fo

Apple Know’s I’m 5 and I’m OK with it.

I recently got an Apple Watch and I love it! I am making more consistent strides towards my health, wellbeing, and well…my weight, which has crept up over the years and every little thing helps. Turning 50 seemed like good motivation to up my game so, Happy Birthday to me, I got my watch! I use a variety of tools to help me reach my goals and the Apple Watch is quickly becoming one of the most important tools. First let me start by saying that it’s a great tool, for many reasons, but also because Apple understands that basically, I’m 5 years old. I respond very well to gold stars and stickers and so do you. Apple knows this. Every time I close a ring it makes me happy, like “OOOooooOO

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