Living the Green Life is Kinda Hard

By: Lisa Wright Burbach We live a pretty Green life; we reduce, reuse, and recycle. We use non-toxic cleaners, cloth napkins, rags in place of paper towels, use greener light bulbs, etc. and yet there is so much more we could do. Many of you know that my husband, Van, is an environmental consultant, and this means it’s a big deal in our house. This is the man that needs extra time to take the trash out to sort through it all to make sure it was done “right,” in our house, it matters. This past month we looked around and saw much more that we could do right here at home. We committed to reduce and reuse first and to see how little we could put in our trash and recycling bins. I have to be hon

Please Set the Table

By: Lisa Wright Burbach We are empty nesters and we sit at the table to eat dinner! Crazy right? -No, it’s connection. I love setting the table and sitting down to a yummy meal and to discuss the day, the future, and just life in general. We take a tip from other countries who celebrate meal time, family and who savor the meal, drink in the aromas, and visit with each other. It’s a relationship table. I’m from the South and being able to set a proper table is an exam you have to pass to be able to own a string of pearls. It’s serious business!! And I’m grateful for it. I’ve been known to set the table with water glasses, wine glasses, dessert forks, the whole thing for nothing more el

Leeks: What to do with Them

Do you say “What the heck is a leek?” “What do I do with them?”, or maybe you just thought they were fat green onions? Maybe you are already a Leek aficionado, whichever one you are you should know they are just plain good for you!  Leeks are milder than onions and a great choice for people who want the flavor, but not so strong.  So let’s talk about leeks! What are they: Leeks are classified as Allium amperloprsum var. porrum or also as Allium porrum, they are part of the onion family and have been consumed for at least 4000 years. Leeks have even been found in dried form in Egyptian tombs! Today Leeks are eaten nearly the whole world over. Why eat them: Rich in Vitamins A, C, and K Good so

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