Pills and Skills

What happens when people visit the doctor these days? Patients enter the doctor’s office, get pills but no self-help skills, leave the doctor, pop the pills and return next month for a stronger dose…and everyone just gets sicker. Does this sound familiar to you? Prescription ads tells you to “Ask your doctor if this pill is right for you,” but how often do you ask? Knowing what you’re putting in your body is important, so keep these points in mind Different individuals require different dosages. Pills are designed and tested on averages, but that may not always represent you. Beware the cocktail effect of pills. Pills can be partnered unsafely with other drugs It’s not uncommon for people, e

Why Yes, Coffee is Good for Me!

When i was growing up, my grandmother (Mamame) would drink her morning coffee out a pretty china cups with a matching saucer and I would always ask for some, to which she replied "No...coffee stunts your growth". Later...that morning....Her now cold cup of coffee would be sitting on the table and she would then let me drink it. Hmmmm I guess only hot coffee would stunt my growth?? It makes me grin just remembering. But the truth is, it doesn't stunt your growth or put hair on your chest (something else I was told) and with much joy several new studies have shown that coffee may actually have some health benefits. As with all things - moderation is key. So, maybe don't drink the whole pot

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