10 Ways to Reuse

Recycling is important, but our goal is not to recycle more but to use less. Did you know that only 9% of the world's recyclables end up getting recycled?? The rest ends up in landfills!! Start by asking yourself "Do I really need this?", I know we want things, but as we get used to living a less wasteful life we find that our wants change. We simply want less stuff! Here are a few tips to get you started: Mason Jars! I love to keep my pantry staples in Mason Jars. I find it keeps it neat, easy to find, and helps keep pesky bugs away! We use them for leftovers, pantry items, bag clips...endless uses! Plus it looks all #mariekondo - esque! Makes my Monica side happy too - "Freinds" refer

Ahhh Fresh Air: It matters for your health.

Ok...yes...I still have dishes in the sink. It's OK, no one is perfect. But I do have my window open!! YAY - open windows make me happy!!! They also help make me healthy!! The home is potentially the most dangerous place you go because of the high levels of indoor pollution, which are toxic gases and particles trapped in your home. They can lead to things like asthma, emphysema, eye irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation, headaches, nausea and more. Some things you can do to help reduce the poor Indoor Air Quality in your home are switch to non-toxic cleaners like Shaklee Get Clean, keep a clean home- I know it sounds silly, but it helps...even if you don't put your dishes away un

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