To Count or Not to Count? Calories that is.

By: Lisa Wright Burbach I really love the combination of Mindful Eating and Traffic Light eating. The two together help us move into being aware of the foods we eat and why we are eating, help us slow down, feel our hunger cues, and choose more wisely. With this style of eating, we don’t always need to count calories, but it does take learning to listen to our bodies and make a wise choice. Mindful Eating: “Mindfulness is the capacity to bring full attention and awareness to one’s experience, in the moment, without judgment. Mindful Eating brings mindfulness to food choice and the experience of eating. Mindful Eating helps us become aware of our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations

Evaluating Alternatives to Plastic

By: Van Burbach, PhD, PG Environmental Consultant A few months ago, I wrote about the big problem of single-use plastics and how we all need to take responsibility for the problem and be a part of the solution. There are a lot of things we can do as individuals, like using refillable water bottles instead buying bottled water, or using reusable cloth grocery bags instead of the disposable plastic ones; but finding solutions and alternatives to the larger problem of the widespread use of plastic in packaging is a much more complicated issue. It is easy to look at the end result of our creating over 300 million tons of plastic waste each year (globally) and the fact that plastic takes hundreds

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