Even a Health Coach Struggles

Keepin' it real y'all! A few months ago, I got sick; a chest cold that lingered for two weeks! During this time I didn't exercise, and I have found that when I exercise, I want to exercise, but when I don't exercise, I don't want to exercise! #truth. So, what's a health coach to do? Like many people, the first thing I did was nothing; the second thing I did was whine. I whined that I felt tired. I complained that I ached, I murmured that I was getting "fluffy"...you get the picture. I whined a lot. The truth is, I like to exercise! I feel better physically as well as emotionally when I exercise regularly, and I've learned that often that means a nice long walk, a fun bike ride, or a sho

Flamingo VS Billie: Who Makes the Cut?

It's about time!! Razors designed for women with no "Pink Tax". It is ridiculous to pay so much for a good razor and now we don't have to! Two of the newest entries into the women's care world are Flamingo and Billie. Flamingo is by Harry's and is a razor designed specifically for women and their curves. It was created in response to the requests of women who have been using Harry's razors but needed more. Me, that would be me. Billie is an independent newcomer whose goal is to provide a razor specifically designed for women and at a lower cost. One day my girls and I were sitting around talking about shaving and razors, as girls do, and my millennial-aged girls told me about Billie, a

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