DIY Shaving Cream

Why make your own shaving cream?? Toxins!!! Your skin is your largest organ and you want to take care of it and prevent harmful substances from entering in to your bloodstream. Our skin is very effective barrier, but it doesn't keep everything out. I don't believe in fear-mongering and exaggeration, but we want to be cautious too, so given the choice, I choose natural products and botanically based ones when possible. In our house, it's the same reason we use non-toxic cleaners; to minimize the contact with as many toxins as possible. We want to help our bodies every chance we get. Plus, its just fun to make stuff! 1 ounce Shakleebaby Gentle Wash (or Castile soap) 1 ounce Aloe Gel, water,

Millennials Have it Right!

It's About Cooperation not Competition One of the best lessons I have learned from Millennials is that it's about cooperation, not competition. They have been raised as team players and though they get a lot of flack, they bring some great things to the table. This is one of them, maybe we should listen to them. My #sidehustle is an MLM (gasp), yep I'm out there hocking soap, vitamins, and stuff along with 20.5 million other people in the US, and people buy our products at the tune of 35.5 billion dollars in annual sales! That's a lot of burping lids, make-up, kitchen gadgets, and vitamins!! Don't stop reading! This is about you too, not just "those" people. What I'm about to say can be a

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