Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Those Pesky Plastic Bags

By: Guest Blogger Van Burbach, Ph.D, P.G. As an environmental consultant whose work has focused on landfills for over 13 years, I can tell you that plastic bags are the bane of every landfill! Go to any active municipal solid waste landfill and you will see plastic bags everywhere: in the trees, stuck to fences, floating in retention ponds, clogging storm drains. They are next to impossible for the landfills to control. The wind catches them, and they are gone. This is really bad news for the environment, because many of those plastic bags escape the landfills and end up in our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. They are a hazard to fish, birds, and wildlife in general. Animals often accide

Whoa Man, Chill! It's Good for Your Health!

Whoa man!! Chill! No really! We live in a wound-up, up-tight, stressed out society! People feel pressured to meet deadlines, keep up with all of the family events and games, be here, be there, do this, do that and do it flawlessly. We are constantly hearing negative news, getting caught up in arguments in social media, and trying to do more than we can handle! Frankly we have created a society where no one can meet the standards, at least consistently and it's killing us. A little histrionic?'s true. Stress is slowly killing us. Stress can be positive, fight or flight is a great example. If I'm in danger I want my adrenaline flowing, heart pumping and I want quick action, how

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