My 3 Favorite Green Light Food Recipes (What's a Green Light food?)

What is a Green Light Food? Green light foods are part of a system of eating called Traffic Light Eating. In Traffic light eating we stop counting calories, quit vilifying food, and start mindfully choosing healthy foods while learning to know what our body needs and when we've had enough. Traffic light eating puts the emphasis on the "quality" of food first, not just the quantity. Traffic light eating can also be used in conjunction with other dietary preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc. Green Light foods are "go" foods, like the green light at a traffic light, meaning you can eat as much as you want of them. These include all fresh fruits and vegetables. Emphasis on fre

Quick Healthy Snack Vlog

Snacking is often one of the trickiest parts about eating a healthy diet.  Today’s post is just a quick idea of something different. You may feel like there aren’t many options outside of grabbing a plain piece of fruit, which I actually never tire of, sometimes it is nice to jazz it up.  I hope you enjoy today’s snack.  Post in the comments your favorite healthy snack ideas. I said Kale, in the video, but ended up using a pointed cabbage.  You can use the green of your choice.

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