Review: Portobello Mushroom Tacos with Salsa Verde – Forks Over Knives

Portobello Mushroom tacos with Salsa Verde – Forks over Knives My husband and I are on the journey of eating a more whole food, plant based diet and I have to say we are enjoying it!  There were doubts in the beginning, but we made gradual changes, which I highly recommend.  Most people are not ready to jump in all at once into a big change, but gradual changes can often help us stay the course. Try starting with Meatless Mondays! I am finding that it is easier to eat healthy foods than to find healthy foods.  The stores are filled with items with suspect ingredients, restaurants have sparse healthy choices at best and it can even be hard to find recipes that are easy and “normal”.  Many of

A Look at Superfoods: Salmon

TRIVIA & TIDBITS The Chinook Salmon is Oregon’s State fish. Wild salmon are pinker because of their diet which is richer in Astaxanthin, like eating lots of carrots and turning orange. People who eat foods high in Omega 3 tend to have longer Telomeres.  Telomeres are protective caps of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes and the length of telomeres. Telomeres shortening is associated with mortality, aging, and related diseases. Plants with Omega 3 are healthy, but have Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) and not EPA and DHA found in fatty fishes.  EPA/DHA is utilized in our bodies “as is”, but ALA must be converted by our bodies in to EPA/DHA before being utilized.  In the conversion process onl

Review: Curried Butternut Squash Soup – The Minimalist Baker

Curried Butternut Squash – The Minimalist Baker Fall is in the air and in our house this begins the tradition of “Soup a Week”.  Each week I make a yummy soup starting in fall all the way through until spring.  I have many “tried and trues” and also love trying new soups.  This soup is quickly becoming a “tried and true” !  It is easy to make, tastes great and is good for you!  Plus it satisfies that fall feeling.  MMMmmmMMM. Time: 30 minutes Ease: Easy – the only tricky part is blending at the end.  I have a stick blender and if you don’t have one I suggest getting one. I think it is a must in the kitchen.  It makes life easier and fewer burns and messes. Review:  This recipe, as with any I

A Look at Superfoods: Tofu

A look at Tofu TRIVIA Tofu contains all 8 essential amino acids Tofu’s first recorded use is 2000 years ago in the Han Dynasty Tofu is made from bean curds, similar to how cheese is made One acre of soybeans can produce 82, 368 crayons Half of the worlds soybeans are grown in the USA Tofu takes on the flavor of whatever it is cooked with WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Eating Tofu: Lowers LDL Has antioxidant properties which may reduce the risk of some cancers Can decrease bone loss and increase mineral density during menopause High in Phytonutrients Is beneficial to the prostrate and does not put men at risk Improves digestion Calcium – Helps maintain and form healthy teeth and bones, helps with blood

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